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Wednesday April 25, 2018

The Consulate of Bolivia in Houston, Texas was formally re-opened in May of 2014. The Consulate is dependent on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia, which has the function of representing and protecting the interests of the Plurinational State of Bolivia and its citizens who are abroad. So without any fear of exclusion, all Bolivian citizen has the right to be assisted by their consulates and access its services.

Functions of the consulate:

  • Represent and protect all Bolivians and interests giving attention and cooperation within the framework of respect for the laws and authorities.
  • To promote trade, economic, cultural and scientific relations.
  • Acting as Notary Public and Civil Registration Officers.
  • The Consulate exercises its functions while it observes the laws of the receiving State.
  • Cooperate to know the fate of missing citizens and assisting the jailed or detained or ensuring that they are guaranteed full rights of defense at their trial.
  • Perform registration and certification; grant Safe-conducts travel documents, issue Certificates and Travel Authorizations for Minors.
  • Act in cases of repatriation of Bolivians.


The Consulate cannot:

  • Sponsor or intervene in court proceedings.
  • Perform tasks that apply to travel agencies, airlines, banks, customs etc.
  • Provide or lend money, warranties , guarantees or bonds.
  • Provide plane tickets or means to return to Bolivia.
  • Taking charge of the payment of accounts or personal expenses.
  • Manage housing or residence.
  • Give job or work permit.



Jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Bolivia in Houston, TX

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